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The Professor Frenzy Show

Jul 11, 2018

The weather gets hot and our minds turn to comic books. Chris and Gerry give us another week's worth of terrific Small Publisher Comic Books

Spotlight Comic Books


  • Unnatural #1 (W) Mirka Andolfo (A) Mirka Andolfo from Image Comics (looks strange, just don’t know yet)
  • Elvira Mistress Of The Dark Vol 2 #1 (W) David...

Jul 4, 2018

Happy Independence Day everyone! We here at the Frenzycast send you and your family the regards of the day. 

Perhaps if you listen to The Professor Frenzy Show you will find a great comic you never heard of and make yourself and a creator happy. 

Some pertinent links:

Adventure of a Systems Admin: @gordidon on twitter...