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The Professor Frenzy Show

Jul 18, 2018

Here come Chris and Gerry with another great week of comics. This week the guys cover: 

Spotlight Comics - 00:36


  • She Could Fly #1 (W) Cantwelll (A) Martin Morazzo by Berger Books imprint of Dark Horse


  • Nancy Drew #2 (W) Kelly Thompson (A) Jenn St. Onge - Triona Farrell for Dynamite
  • Farmhand #1 (W) Rob Guillory (A) Rob Guillory for Image Comics


  • Outpost Zero #1 (W) Sean McKeever (A) Alexandre Tefenkgi for Image Comics





  • Parlipod - 6:00
  • Warlord Worlds - 6:30



Other Comics Discussed - 7:40


  • Isola #4 (W) Brenden Fletcher - Karl Kerschl (A) Karl Kerschl - Msassyk for Image Comics


  • Little Girl #1 (W) Patrick Shand (A) Olivia Pelaez by Devil’s Due comics


  • Die! Die! Die! W Robert Kirkman and Scott M. Gimple. Art by Chris Burnham


  • It Came Out On A Wednesday #1 (W) Peter Simeti - Various (A) Michael Oppenheimer - Various from Alterna Comics
  • Coda #3 (W) Simon Spurrier (A) Matias Bergara from Boom Studios


What’s the Buzz: 34:15

July 18 Comics 38:15

  • Witchfinder Gates Of Heaven #3 (W) Mike Mignola - Chris Roberson (A) DIsraeli from Dark Horse
  • Sherlock Holmes Vanishing Man #3  (W) Leah Moore - John Reppion (A) Julius Ohta by Dynamite Entertainment
  • Euthanauts #1 (W) Tini Howard (A) Nick Robles by IDW
  • Lowlifes #2 (W) Brian Buccellato (A) Alexis Sentenac by IDW
  • Wynonna Earp Greatest Hits #1 (W) Beau Smith (A) Lora Innes by IDW
  • Dry County #5 (W) Rich Tommaso (A) Rich Tommaso by Image
  • Flavor #3 (W) Joseph Keatinge (A) Wook Jin Clark by Image
  • Gideon Falls #5 (W) Jeff Lemire (A) Andrea Sorrentino by Image


  • Ice Cream Man #5 (W) W. Maxwell Prince (A) Martin Morazzo by Image
  • Magic Order #2 (W) Mark Millar (A) Olivier Coipel by Image
  • Proxima Centauri #2 (W) Farel Dalrymple (A) Farel Dalrymple by Image
  • Rat Queens Special Neon Static One Shot (W) Kurtis J. Wiebe (A) Will Kirkby by Image
  • Weatherman #2 (W) Jody LeHeup (A) Nathan Fox by Image
  • Aphrodite V #1 (W) Bryan Hill (A) Jeff Spokes by Image
  • Lost City Explorers #2 (W) Zack Kaplan (A) Alvaro Sarreseca by Aftershock
  • Archie Meets Batman 66 #1 (W) Jeff Parker - Michael Moreci (A) Dan Parent - J. Bone by Archie Comics
  • Jughead The Hunger #7 (W) Frank Tieri (A) Pat Kennedy - Various by Archie Comics - Frankenmoose meets the Wolf Jug
  • Oh S#!t Its Kim & Kim #1 (W) Magdalene Visaggio (A) Eva Cabrera by Black Mask Comics
  • By Night #2 (W) John Allison (A) Christine Larsen by BOOM Studios
  • Dork - (W/A) Evan Dorkin



Correspondence - 47:20

Randy Andrews’ Convention Panel - 49:45

Likes and Retweets: 50:40