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The Professor Frenzy Show

Oct 21, 2019

Join Chris and Gerry as they discuss some of Chris' comic book collecting experiences. 


Don't let Brother Power the Geek catch you napping!

Oct 20, 2019

Nothing beats a nice relaxing Sunday listening to a classic comic book. 


Enjoy, as Chris and Gerry look at Paper Girls issue #11

Oct 16, 2019

Spotlight Comics

  • These Savage Shores #5 from Vault Comics | Writer(s): Ram V. | Artist(s): Sumit Kumar | $3.99
  • Ice Cream Man #15 from Image | Writer(s): W. Maxwell Prince | Artist(s): Martin Morazzo Chris O'Halloran | $3.99
  • The Twilight Man Rod Serling And The Birth Of Television SC from Humanoids Publishing |...

Oct 14, 2019

Join Chris and Gerry as they talk about Gerry's trip to New York Comic Con.



Oct 13, 2019

Chris and Gerry break down issue 10 of Paper Girls in this version of FrenzyPiece Theater. 


Hearing about a great comic is a nice way to spend a Sunday. Enjoy.