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The Professor Frenzy Show

Dec 5, 2018

A new Wednesday is upon us. Join Chris and Gerry as they talk about this week's great comics. I bet one of them is just what you have been looking for. Enjoy the show!


The Professor Frenzy Show

Episode 31


  • Edgar Allan Poes Snifter Of Terror #2 (W) Tom Peyer - Various (A) Fred Harper - Various $3.99 from Ahoy Comics
  • The Warning #1(W/A/CA) Edward Laroc
  • House Amok #3  (W) Christopher Sebela (A) Shawn McManus $3.99 from Black Crown an imprint of IDW
  • Man-Eaters #3 (W) Chelsea Cain (A) Kate Niemczyk $3.99 from Image
  • Beyonders #4 (W) Paul Jenkins (A) Wesley St. Claire $3.99 from Aftershock
  • Archie 1941 #3 (W) Mark Waid, Brian Augustyn (A) Peter Krause, Kelly Fitzpatrick $3.99 Archie Comics
  • These Savage Shores #2 (W) Ram V. (A) Sumit Kumar $3.99 from Vault Comics
  • Black Betty #6 (W) Shawn Gabborin (A) Rafael Dantas $3.99 Rated Mature from Danger Zone Comics
  • Albert Einstein Time Mason #2 (W) Marcus Perry (A) Tony Donley $3.99 from ActionLab
  • High Heaven #3 (W) Tom Peyer - Austin Wilson (A) Greg Scott - Chris Giarrusso $3.99 from Ahoy Comics
  • Coda #7 (W) Simon Spurrier (A) Matias Bergara $3.99 from Boom Studios
  • Stranger Things #3 (W) Jody Houser (A) Stefano Martino $3.99 from Dark Horse
  • Die Die Die #5 (W) Robert Kirkman - Scott Gimple (A) Chris Burnham - Nathan Fairbairn $3.99 from Image


Upcoming Comics

  • LaGuardia #1 (W) Nnedi Okorafor (A) Tana Ford $4.99 from Dark Horse
  • Lodger #2 (W) David Lapham - Maria Lapham (A) David Lapham $3.99 from IDW
  • Blackbird #3 (W) Sam Humphries (A) Jen Bartel $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Bully Wars #4 (W) Skottie Young (A) Aaron Conley $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Crowded #5 (W) Christopher Sebela (A) Ro Stein - Various $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Die #1 (W) Kieron Gillen (A) Stephanie Hans
  • Unnatural #5 (W) Mirka Andolfo (A) Mirka Andolfo  $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Clankillers #5 (W) Sean Lewis (A) Antonio Fuso $3.99 from Aftershock Comics
  • Dark Ark #12 (W) Cullen Bunn (A) Juan Doe $3.99 from Aftershock Comics
  • Wrong Earth #4 (W) Tom Peyer - Paul Constant (A) Jamal Igle - Various $3.99 from Ahoy Comics


  • Sword Daughter #4 (W) Brian Wood (A) Mack Chater $4.99 from Dark Horse Comics
  • Self/Made #1 (W) Matt Groom (A/CA) Eduardo Ferigato, Marcello Costa
  • Prodigy #1 (W) Mark Millar (A/CA) Rafael Albuquerque $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Last Siege #7 (W) Landry Q. Walker (A/CA) Justin Greenwood $3.99 from Image Comics
  • (The) Freeze #1 (W) Dan Wickline (A/CA) Phil Sevy $3.99 from Image Comics


  • Archie Meets Batman 66 #5 (W) Jeff Parker - Michael Moreci (A) Dan Parent - J. Bone $3.99 from Archie Comics
  • Wizard Beach #1 (W) Shaun Simon (A) Conor Nolan $3.99 from Boom Studios
  • MOTH & WHISPER #4 Writer: Ted Anderson Artist: Jen Hickman $3.99 from Aftershock
  • BABYTEETH YEAR ONE Hard Cover Trade Paperback / $35.99 from Aftershock Writer: Donny Cates Artist: Garry Brown


You Have Thirty Seconds, Sell Me a Comic Book

We wanted to remind everyone, if you have a comic or a trade or something that is coming out that you think people are missing, and I know you do.
You have thirty seconds. Sell me a comic book.
Give us a call on the voicemail line and Sell me a comic book. The number is
(508) 534-8802
That number again
508 534 8802
Give us a call. Leave a message..
Please keep it clean, and under 30 seconds. And we will play it here on the show.