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The Professor Frenzy Show

Aug 31, 2020

Chris remembers some of the first records he bought.

Do you remember your first music purchases? Tell us about them?

Aug 26, 2020


  • Shadow Service #1 from Vault Comics | Writer(s): Cavan Scott | Artist(s): Corin Howell | $3.99 


  • Voyage to the Stars #1 from IDW Comics (W) James Asmus(A) Connie Daidone $3.99 
  • Hotell #4 of 4 from AWA/Upshot Comics (W) John Lees(A) Dalibor Talajic $3.99  
  • Once and Future #10 from Boom Studios (W) Kieron...

Aug 24, 2020

Chris talks about decisions he had to make spending his allowance. He also remembers Polka-Dot Man.

Do you remember making tough choices on how to spend your allowance? Tell us about it. 

Aug 19, 2020


  • Seven Secrets #1 from BOOM (W) Tom Taylor; (A) Danielle DiNucolo - $3.99
  • Mirka Andolfos Unsacred #7 from Ablaze Media | Writer(s): Mirka Andolfo | Artist(s): Mirka Andolfo | $3.99
  • Adventureman #3 from Image | Writer(s): Matt Fraction | Artist(s): Terry Dodson Rachel Dodson | $3.99
  • Undone from Blood Or The Shadow...

Aug 17, 2020

Chris tells a story about an experience he had with a comic book vendor at a Comic Book Show.

Do you have any interesting stories that happened to you at a comic book show? Tell us about it.