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The Professor Frenzy Show

May 8, 2019

Spotlight Comics

  • Descendent #1 (W) Stephanie Phillips (A) Evgeniy Bornyakov (Colors) Lauren Affee (Letters) A Larger World’s Troy Peteri. from Aftershock
  • Beasts Of Burden Presence Of Others #1 Writer(s) : Evan Dorkin Artist(s) :Jill Thompson (Letters) Nate Piekos of Blambot. $3.99 from Dark Horse
  • Hashtag Danger #1 Writer(s) : Tom Peyer - Paul Constant Artist(s) : Fred Harper - Chris Giarrusso $3.99 from Ahoy Comics
  • Gogor #1 Writer Ken Garing $3.99 from Image Rated Teen



  • Elvira Mistress Of The Dark Vol 2 #5 Writer(s) :David Avallone Artist(s) :Dave Acosta $3.99 from Dynamite Entertainment

  • Red Sonja Vol 8 #4 Writer(s) :Mark Russell Artist(s) : Mirko Colak (Colors) Dearbhla Kelly & Bob Q (Letters) Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou $3.99 from Dynamite Entertainment Rated Teen Plus
  • Paper Girls #28 Writer(s) : Brian K. Vaughan Artist(s) : Cliff Chang - (Colors) Matt Wilson (Letters) Jared K Fletcher (Color Flats) Dee Cunniffe. $3.99 from Image Rated Teen Plus
  • Girl In The Bay #4 Writer(s) :J. M. DeMatteis Artist(s) :Corin Howell (Colors) James Devlin (Letters) Clem Robins  $3.99 from Berger Books an imprint of  Dark Horse Rated Mature
  • Snap Flash Hustle #3 Writer(s) : Pat Shand Artist(s) : Emily Pearson $3.99 from Black Mask Comics
  • Black Hammer 45 From The World Of Black Hammer #3 Writer(s) :Jeff Lemire - Ray Fawkes Artist(s) :Matt Kindt - Sharlene Kindt $3.99 from Dark Horse

  • Die #5 Writer(s) :Kieron Gillen Artist(s) :Stephanie Hans $3.99 from Image

Upcoming Comics

She Could Fly Lost Pilot #2

By Dark Horse

Writer(s) :Christopher Cantwell

Artist(s) :Martin Morazzo - Miroslav Mrva



Wyrd #3

By Dark Horse

Writer(s) : Curt Pires

Artist(s) : Antonio Fuso



Bettie Page Vol 2 #4

By Dynamite Entertainment

Writer(s) : David Avallone

Artist(s) : Julius Ohta



Red Sonja And Vampirella Meet Betty And Veronica #1

By Dynamite Entertainment

Writer(s) : Amy Chu

Artist(s) : Maria Sanapo



Eve Stranger #1

By IDW Publishing

Writer(s) : David Barnett

Artist(s) : Philip Bond



Lodger #5

By IDW Publishing

Writer(s) : David Lapham - Maria Lapham

Artist(s) : David Lapham



Gunning For Hits #5

By Image

Writer(s) : Jeff Rougvie

Artist(s) : Moritat



Ice Cream Man #12

By Image

Writer(s) : W. Maxwell Prince

Artist(s) : Martin Morazzo - Chris Ohalloran



Murder Falcon #8

By Image

Writer(s) : Daniel Warren Johnson

Artist(s) : Daniel Warren Johnson - Mike Spicer



Unnatural #9

By Image

Writer(s) : Mirka Andolfo

Artist(s) : Mirka Andolfo



Bronze Age Boogie #2

By Ahoy Comics

Writer(s) : Stuart Moore - Tyrone Finch

Artist(s) : Alberto Ponticelli - Alain Mauricet



Empty Man Vol 2 #7

By BOOM! Studios

Writer(s) : Cullen Bunn

Artist(s) : Jesus Hervas



Oberon #4

By AfterShock Comics

Writer(s) : Ryan Parrott

Artist(s) : Milos Slavkovic



Shadow Roads #7

By Oni Press

Writer(s) : Cullen Bunn - Brian Hurtt

Artist(s) : Carlos Zamudio



These Savage Shores #4

By Vault Comics

Writer(s) : Ram V

Artist(s) : Sumit Kumar



Jungle Comics #1

(w) Chuck Dixon

(a) Kelsey Shannon

$3.99 from Antarctic Press


Archie #704

(w) Nick Spencer

(a) Sandy Jarrell

$3.99 from Archie Comics


Betty & Veronica #5 of 5

(w) Jamie Rotante

(a) Sandra Lanz

$3.99 from Archie Comics


You Have Thirty Seconds, Sell Me a Comic Book


We wanted to remind everyone, if you have a comic or a trade or something that is coming out that you think people are missing, and I know you do.
You have thirty seconds. Sell us a comic book.
Give Chris and I a call on the voicemail line and Sell us a comic book. The number is
(508) 534-8802
Give us a call. Leave a message..
Please keep it clean, and under 30 seconds. And we will play it here on the show.


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