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The Professor Frenzy Show

Feb 20, 2019

Spotlight Comics

  • Gunning For Hits #2 (W) Jeff Rougvie (A) Moritat $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Dark Ark #14 (W) Cullen Bunn (A) Juan Doe $3.99 from Aftershock Comics
  • Magic Order #6 (W) Mark Millar (A) Olivier Coipel $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Dick Tracy Dead Or Alive #4 (W) Lee Allred - Michael Allred (A) Michael Allred - Rich Tommaso $3.99 from IDW


  • Gideon Falls #11 (W) Jeff Lemire (A) Andrea Sorrentino - Dave Stewart $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Murder Falcon #5 (W) Daniel Warren Johnson (A) Daniel Warren Johnson - Mike Spicer  $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Wizard Beach #3 (W) Shaun Simon (A) Conor Nolan $3.99 from Boom Studios
  • Blackbird #5 (W) Sam Humphries (A) Jen Bartel $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Auntie Agathas Home For Wayward Rabbits #4 (W) Keith Giffen (A) Benjamin Roman $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Rat Queens Vol 2 #14 (W) Kurtis J. Wiebe (A) Owen Gieni $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Dead Kings #3 (W) Steve Orlando (A) Matthew Dow Smith  $3.99 from Aftershock Comics
  • Lollipop Kids #3 (W) Adam Glass - Aidan Glass (A) Diego Yapur  $3.99 from Aftershock Comics
  • Oh S#!t Its Kim & Kim #5 (W) Magdalene Visaggio (A) Eva Cabrera $3.99 from Black Mask Comics
  • Fearscape #4 (W) Ryan OSullivan (A) Andrea Mutti $3.99 from Vault Comics
  • Whispering Dark #4 (W) Christofer Emgard (A) Tomas Aira $3.99 from Dark Horse Comics


Upcoming Comics

  • Lone Ranger Vol 6 #5 (W) Mark Russell (A) Bob Q $3.99 from Dynamite
  • Bitter Root #4 (W) David Walker -Chuck Brown (A) Sanford Greene $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Exorsisters #5 (W) Ian Boothby (A) Gisele Lagace - Pete Pantazis $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Middlewest #4 (W) Skottie Young (A) Jorge Corona $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Outpost Zero #7 (W) Sean McKeever (A) Alexandre Tefenkgi - Jean Francois Beaulieu  $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Hot Lunch Special #5 (W) Eliot Rahal (A) Jorge Fornes $3.99 from Aftershock Comics
  • Jughead The Hunger #12 (W) Frank Tieri (A) Joe Eisma $3.99 from Archie Comics
  • Black Badge #7 (W) Mat Kindt (A) Tyler Jenkins $3.99 from Boom Studios
  • Coda #9 (W) Simon Spurrier (A) Matias Bergara $3.99 from Boom Studios


  • Lightstep #4 (W) Milos Slavkovic/Mirko Topalski (A) Milos Slavkovic and Tiburu Beka $3.99 from Dark Horse
  • Sharkey the Bounty Hunter #1 (W) Mark Millar (A) Simone Bianchi $3.99 from Image Comics
  • Stronghold #1 (W) Phil Hester (A) Ryan Kelly $3.99 from Aftershock Comics


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