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The Professor Frenzy Show

Aug 8, 2018

You asked for it, and now here it is - The Professor Frenzy Show. Chris and Gerry cover another great week of indie comics. Have fun listening to the show, they are having fun making it.


Spotlight Comics - 00:50


  • Leviathan #1 (W) John Layman (A) Nick Pitarra - Michael Garland from Image
  • Paper Girls #23 (W) Brian K. Vaughan (A) Cliff Chiang - Matt Wilson from Image
  • Dark Ark #9 (W) Cullen Bunn (A) Juan Doe from Aftershock


  • Robots vs. Princesses  (W) Todd Matthy (A) Nicolas Chapuis


Promos - 06:05

  • @WarlordWorlds
  • @Parlipod

More Comics This Week - 07:45


  • Prisoner #4 (W) Peter Milligan (A) Colin Lorimer - Titan Comics
  • Last Siege #3 (W) Landry Q. Walker (A) Justin Greenwood - Image Comics


  • The Seeds #1 (W) Ann Nocenti (A) David Aja - Berger Books imprint of Dark Horse Comics


Comics for August 8th - 


  • She Could Fly #2 (W) Christopher Cantwell (A) Martin Morazzo from Dark Horse
  • Sword Daughter #3 (W) Brian Wood (A) Mack Chater from Dark Horse
  • Charlie’s Angels #3 (W) John Layman (A) Joe Eisma from Dynamite


  • Nancy Drew #3 (W) Kelly Thompson (A) Jenn St. Onge from Dynamite
  • Lowlifes #3 (W) Brian Buccellato (A) Alexis Sentenac from IDW
  • Farmhand #2 (W)(A) Rob Guillory from Image
  • Oblivion Song By Kirkman & De Felici #6 (W) Robert Kirkman (A) Lorenzo De Felici - Annalisa Leoni from Image
  • Outpost Zero #2 (W) Sean McKeever (A) Alexandre Tefenkgi from Image
  • Unnatural #2 (W) Mirka Andolfo (A) Mirka Andolfo from Image
  • Clankillers #2 (W) Sean Lewis (A) Antonio Fuso from Aftershock
  • Her Infernal Descent #4 (W) Lonnie Nadler - Zac Thompson (A) Kyle Charles from Aftershock
  • Hot Lunch Special #1 (W) Eliot Rahal (A) Jorge Fornes from Aftershock
  • Lumberjanes 2018 Special #1  (W) Nicole Andelfinger - Maddi Gonzalez (A) Brittney Williams from Boom Studios
  • Shadow Roads #2 (W) Cullen Bunn - Brian Hurtt (A) A.C. Zamudio - Carlos Zamudio from Oni
  • Hey Kids!  Comics! #1  (W) Howard Chaykin  (A) Don Cameron - Image Comics
  • Death or Glory #4 (W) Rick Remender (A)  Bengal