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The Professor Frenzy Show

Jun 27, 2018

Gosh I like Wednesdays. So many great new comics await. 

Not sure what to get? Try listening to The Professor Frenzy Show to see if any books sound like your cup of tea. Or Coffee, or Ovaltine. Whatever, we aren't here to judge. We just like comics.

Some folks we mention on the show are (we promise to try to do better with this in upcoming weeks):

Rachel Young with the comic Witchman On Etsy at Witchman Comics and on facebook at Witchman, Deviant art at Witchman Comics; instagram at RC_Young. Rachel Young has a portfolio site at

Julio Gaytan with the comic Hamurai #1

Kevin J. Tracy with The MSPaint Comic.

Cow House Press;
Yeon Kung"The Awkwardly Long Book of Auto Bio Comics About Being an Anxiety RIdden and Depressed Person" and on Instagram at VOY VOY.

We now have a phone number for our new segment: "You have 30 seconds, sell me a comic book" campaign. Get your dialing fingers ready for the fun! 508.534.8802

Gerry - @professorfrenzy on Twitter and Instagram

Chris - @btoandbatbooks on Twitter

The Professor Frenzy Show - Facebook Page

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